The chickens are now 11 weeks old. They’re about halfway grown and are in their very awkward ‘teenage’ phase. Their necks are overly long, they’re kinda clucking but still occasionally peeping, they’ve discovered that flies are delicious but still aren’t quite sure about worms, their feathers are all in but their combs and wattles are still growing (I wonder if that hurts – like teething), and they voluntarily roost at dusk which makes it easy to lock ’em up at night.

The other day, a neighbor came over and was chatting with me while I was letting the ladies out. He asked what kind they were, and I pointed to each, naming off the breeds. When I got to Kombucha and Pecker, I was told that I had them mixed up – that Kombucha was the Golden Sex-Link (a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Rhode Island White) and that Pecker was the Buff Orpington, or the kind of chicken I had picked out as my own. I checked with Google and discovered that my baby, Kombucha, was indeed the Golden Sex-Link and not the Buff Orpington! For a while, I felt like my babies were switched at birth but I am happy to say that I have fully recovered, and I love Kombucha no matter what she is! Awww.

Anyway, here’s some of the ladies:

Carmela, our Americauna


Chirpy, The Plymouth Barred Rock


Shaky, our perpetually terrified, unfortunately ugly-faced Golden Laced Wyandotte


Kombucha, our Golden Sex-Link


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