Moveable Type – on wheels

Last week, Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press brought her Moveable Type project to Olympia in a converted 1982 Chevy Van. Based in Portland, Oregon, Kyle received an amazing amount of support for her cross country movable type venture from her kickstarter campaign, more than doubling her initial campaign amount of $8,000. Impressive! No […]


This print series is by my student and studio assistant, the amazing Erin Oly. These are baltic birch four color reductive woodcuts, with multiple matrix printing for those luscious double exposure pieces. Each print is an impressive 26″ x 40.” Erin worked with self-portraiture this quarter, using her new relationship with her father as subject […]

west to east and back again

The Cascade Range, a 1963 wooden puzzle of the United States, Miran and Thao at a sold out show at Northern.


On Friday, April 1st, myself and a number of patient people hung over 200 prints from over 60 local artists and students at Northern working with various print methods. From the Press Release: For the first three weeks of April, Northern is pleased to present “Printstravaganza!” featuring the work of over 60 local artists working […]

Hamilton Type Museum

I first heard of Hamilton Wood Type Museum a couple years ago, shortly before the fabulous Typeface documentary came out.  In fact, I attended the Seattle premier of Typeface followed by a Q&A with Jim Moran, Hamilton’s resident archivist and printer. Ever since, Hamilton been on a short list of must-see destinations. Located in the […]

Fall Arts Walk

On October 1st, Olympia held the fall version of its twice yearly Arts Walk event. All the local businesses opened their doors, displaying the works of local artists on every wall and surface space available. Northern had a small, week long exhibit- a women only invitational of sorts. Myself, Vanessa and Rachael Lang, Marina Phillips […]

Better Place Than Now

I’m finally uploading images of the opening for Better Place Than Now from a little over a month ago. The show was a total success and it’s just the beginning for the body of work I’m currently researching, “Dead Wrestlers.” The awesome Conor Peterson also showed his large format photographs of quiet, desolate yet developed […]