International Pop Underground

On Thursday night, Calvin Johnson and Lois Maffeo of K Records held a lecture at the State Capitol Museum. They discussed Olympia’s early independent music scene through the 80s and the early 90s, focusing on Calvin’s now legendary International Pop Underground Convention, which took place over a span of 6 days in August, 1991.  Held […]

blog backlogged

So this happened at my house, poster by me! First design I’ve whipped up in a while. Imagine it as a screen print, though it never existed as one. Weirdest. Show. Ever. Kyle Field, rapping. Adam Forkner, ranting. Lee Baggett, manic. a w e s o m e.

The Music Tapes

The Music Tapes, of Elephant 6 Collective fame, played a secret show in our basement a week ago. Julian Koster, a former member of Neutral Milk Hotel, sang the sweetest songs, played games with the audience and told magical stories for over two hours. The most touching moment of the night involved a game Koster […]

Broken Water and Sic Alps

The night after I returned from Vermont, The ABC House hosted a show for Olympia All Ages in the basement featuring Broken Water, Sic Alps and Magik Markers. Holy shit, this was a good show. About 75 people turned out to sweat and dance away the night. It was great to have a rock show […]

Abe Vigoda…

is playing in my basement. Not THIS Abe Vigoda though. Just THIS one.

working for the weekend

The show at the house went off without a hitch. About 80 kids showed up which was less than I thought but still a great turnout for a basement show. Almost everyone in attendance was an Evergreen student. Experimental Dental School was amazing, like one long psychedelic pulsating noise pop drone. They were extremely nice, […]

Starfucker, Experimental Dental School & Desolation Wilderness

are playing in my basement. Tomorrow night. It’s going to be a huge show… for our house at least. I’m gonna guess that we’ll have 150 people crammed into our subterranean performance space, Amor Fou. As some of you may know, I’ve been infatuated with Starfucker since June 2007, back when it was just Josh […]