Crimmus in Kentucky

I spent Christmas in Kentucky visiting my recently relocated parents. Louisville is a much larger, healthier city than Buffalo and is known as the “northern most southern city.” I wish I could say that I had more time to explore Louisville. For the first few days in Kentucky, I was still recovering from a  severe […]

miscellaneous december

Nisqually with Nic, Christmas with Shawn, Kim and the kids, and Broken Water on New Years. Taken with my awesome Fuji instamatic.

Christmas in the Hoh Rain Forest

For Christmas, I drove up the coast and into the Olympic National Park to spend the day exploring a small section of the Hoh Rain Forest. The area I visited is generally known as “The Hall of Mosses.” Dense club mosses cover the trees and keep the park a moist vibrant green throughout the winter. […]

more fall photos

Thanksgiving, friendly dogs, first snow, a night out, and parking lot trees.

Chasing Waterfalls.

or, Spring Break Day One. The Scenic Columbia Gorge, Oregon: “Don’t go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to” -TLC


The past month and a half has left me reeling. Changes for the worse at work, heavy course loads all around, application season and other professional obligations have left me with very little personal or creative time. However, after this weekend, I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, at […]

final days

The last week at the Vermont Studio Center involved a giant cement mixer decked out with over 80,000 lights, a trip to Burlington following a dead dear stuffed in the back of a sedan for miles on end, a very special John Waters Christmas, and a brand spanking new edition featuring a favorite quote by […]