Adventures in Alaska, part 4

After departing Haines, I returned to Juneau for another night. Then, reunited with my bike, it was nearly another day’s travel to Sitka. Sitka was definitely my favorite town I visited while in Alaska. Sitka is located on the Pacific Ocean, or as they like to say, “the outside of the inside passage.” Since the […]

Adventures in Alaska, part 3

Skagway and Haines, Alaska It was about another 8 hours to Skagway, Alaska by ferry. Since we departed so late, we arrived-mid morning, just in time for morning coffee. The first thing I noticed when it became light was how different the landscape appeared and how much cooler the air felt. The Lynn Canal is […]

Alaska Adventures, part 2

After leaving Ketchikan, it was another 30+ hour voyage to Juneau, Alaska’s state capitol. The rain did not stop as we traveled north, leaving the landscape drenched in heavy fog: sky, land and sea sharing a monochromatic palette of green-grays. We stopped at three smaller ports, Wrangell, Petersburg, and Kake picking up and dropping off […]

Adventures in Alaska, part 1

I arrived back to Bellingham, Washington via the Alaska ferry system a week ago on Friday. After a lazy couple days relaxing from vacation, I started work at Evergreen and began prep for the looming academic year. The task of editing hundreds of photos from this last adventure has proved daunting; each landscape I passed […]