musings, rambles and rants.

The past couple have months have marked the beginning of a radical shift in personal perspective. On all fronts, it feels as if things are changing. Changing in ways they have to, have needed to, for a very long time. A cosmic kick in the ass, perhaps? Who knows. Regardless, things are falling apart in […]

uncertain seasons

This past week, I received my final rejection letter of the first tier application season from The University of Pittsburgh.  Even though I knew I had been rejected from the search several months ago when I failed to hear anything from the school, something about holding the physical letter in my hand momentarily solidified a […]

Love in an Elevator

This email exchange happened between myself and my dean at the college. Not only does it sum up my Monday night but I’m pretty sure it’s a metaphor for my life: Hi A—- I am very embarrassed to report that my entire class and several guests were trapped in the lab 2 elevator for almost […]

and winter begins…

The holidays are over, which means that school is gearing back up for winter quarter. Classes start tomorrow and I’ll be teaching another section of foundation drawing as well as a revised and improved printmaking course focusing on relief applications. Should be fun but exhausting. The studio is fully booked and I’m going to have […]

The Colour Bar Presents The Thing.

About a week and a half ago, open studios were held. Avantika curated a group show called “The Thing.” Of course, it turned into a dance party but not before several readings and a couple performance pieces. The day started with eerie cloud formations and brisk wind, an indication of the snow yet to come…

winter days

On Monday, a few intrepid explorers and myself ventured to Burlington. Vermont is beautiful with a dusting of freshly fallen snow.