heavy: images of grief

About a month ago, my Contemporary Drawing students began a project that I nicknamed “the gallery of grief.” With a nod to artist (and mentor) Richard Roth and last year’s amazing show at the Drawing Center, “Drawn from Photography,” the students collected and curated images of grief gleaned from print sources, the Internet and personal […]

Color Theory

Just another day at the Community College. My hands smell like Color-aid. I love that stuff.

Al Capone Pumpkin

For Halloween, my drawing class brought in their carved jack-o-lanterns. We made a still life and lit the pumpkins with tea lights. The drawings were supposed to capture the sense of being illuminated from within using reductive and additive techniques. We told ghost stories and listened to weird radio stations. This was the best drawing […]


This print series is by my student and studio assistant, the amazing Erin Oly. These are baltic birch four color reductive woodcuts, with multiple matrix printing for those luscious double exposure pieces. Each print is an impressive 26″ x 40.” Erin worked with self-portraiture this quarter, using her new relationship with her father as subject […]


continues. Lunch, a cry for help, field trips. Craig Cornwall, Master Printer, of Trilobite Workshop and Stones Crayons.  

Tamarind Turns 50 – Day 7

I rolled into Albuquerque a week after I left Olympia. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a whole lot of photos while I was in town– I guess it’s a testament to how at home I felt! I stayed at friend Conor’s place for a few nights as he graciously let me crash on his living room […]

bmmr smmr

It’s been a bit of  a bummer summer for me here in the Pacific Northwest. The chilly, dismal weather throughout much of June and July definitely affected my overall mood, in addition to a couple failed job searches and house drama. Now that August has brought hot, sunny weather to Olympia, I’m busy finishing teaching […]