Cape Lookout!

Cape Lookout, located in Cape Lookout State Park, is one of the best land-based vantage points for whale watching on the central Oregon coast. Cape Lookout has a very large resident grey whale population year round and in the early spring, many other varieties of migrating whales can be seen from the cape. The cape rises approximately 100 feet above the Pacific Ocean, and juts out from the shore nearly a mile and a half.

The hike is popular in the summer though the trails are definitely ankle breakers, with sharp rocks, roots and viscous mud puddles. The night before, Nic and I decided to get up early and be at the trailhead by 9am so we would be hiking out as all the family and casual hikers were hiking in. This was definitely a smart decision; by 11:30m, halfway through the hike back to the trailhead, we were inundated by families with small children and awkward teenagers! Also, when we reach the lookout at the end of the trail, we had the entire area to ourselves for nearly an hour as we scanned the ocean for whales. We knew the whales were near, as we could distinctly see their tell-tale feeding froth bubbles floating on the surf. Whale watching boats were also staking out the cove. At one point, someone one of the boats began ‘talking’ to us by yelling, “HELLO. DO. YOU. NEED. A. RIDE?” I replied, “YES. THANK. YOU!”  To which they responded, “O-K. SEE. YOU. SOON.”

Pretty awesome.

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