Candace and Andy’s Wedding

On September 18, I hopped on a plane to Buffalo, NY to see my friend from High School tie the knot. The wedding was very beautiful and I have to admit that even I got a little teary eyed.

However, three large life lessons were learned, painfully, over the course of several days back in my old home town.

1. I am on a totally different trip than many of my friends. It’s life and it’s different for everyone and that’s okay. It really is. I don’t see marriage or children in my future. That’s not what’s important to me.

2. It’s okay to let things go. Histories are heavy. Just rip out the important bits from the pages, stuff them in your pocket, and leave the tome behind. My life is not a library or a hall of records, unless they’re the kind you can dance to.

3.  The idea of family doesn’t mean anything unless there’s familiarity. I’m still working on this one. It’s okay to demand time and space because it’s my time and my space. Those are mine to command and mine only. It’s also okay to feel a little guilty and a little confused, but only a little. Guilt and confusion do not command my time – I do.

Addendum #4: I never want to be a wedding photographer.






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