Chaco Canyon, May 2017

In May of 2017, I went on a solo adventure to Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, traversing down 20+ miles of rough dirt roads to the park’s entrance. I camped outside of the park, and spent two days day hiking around the park to various historic sites, including the famous supernova petroglyph from 1054 AD, […]

Lower Antelope Canyon, May 2017

In May, 2017 I visited Lower Antelope Canyon outside of Page, Arizona. Touring the canyon was on my short list of things to see before I moved from Arizona to Oregon. I finally edited the photos, over a year and a half later. This website is in dire need of updates, but for now, editing […]

Night Photography Experiments

In August and then again in October, I experimented with night sky photography and light painting both here in Flagstaff and in Joshua Tree National Park. I wasn’t able to control the camera enough to get decent night shots in August, and Joshua Tree had too much light pollution in the distance to get anything […]

Hello, 2016.

I’ve been fan of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast for years. I appreciate his candor in discussing personal struggles with depression, creativity, consciousness building, career expectations, self-loathing and self-destructive tendencies because I’ve experienced, and continue to experience, many of these same struggles in life. At the end of the December, he interviewed comedian Bill Burr. It […]

Goodbye, 2015.

Goodbye, 2015. I will not miss you. This was an exceptionally difficult year with few highlights. In May, I completed the Professional Printer Training Program at Tamarind, which was somewhat underwhelming. In April, I lost Alabama, my 13 year old cat, to congestive heart failure and endured the singular most difficult day of my life in the wake […]

Bandelier National Monument, March 2015

In the middle of March, a small faction of the Tamarind Adventure Club participated in a day-hike excursion to Bandelier National Monument. We walked the well-known Frijoles Canyon Trail, visiting cliff dwellings along the canyon walls as well as the Alcove House, which I documented in an earlier post from a solo visit in November. However, it […]

Cadillac Ranch, January 2015

This past January, on our way to Amarillo, Texas via ABQ, the Tamarind crew stopped at Cadillac Ranch located directly on Route 66– The Mother Road. It was a rare, snowy mid-morning– perfect for picture-taking and tagging. Spray paint cans littered the ground, as visitors are actively encouraged to add their own art to the rusted […]