ArtsWalk @ Northern

October 2 marked the annual fall ArtsWalk in downtown Olympia, Washington. Northern exhibited a group show featuring the work of six local, regional and international artists. Greg Lukens displayed multiple drawings and paintings, Audrey Sande showed a lovely series of screen-printed portraits of Burlesque show-girls, Caleb Goodaker-Craig exhibited recent photography, and photographer Rachael Lang unveiled an entirely new body of work. In the green room, Rodrigo Valenzuela Varela projected his recent forays into film along with the video work of international artist Joaquin Luzoro.

The gallery was literally packed from 5pm – 10pm and I would estimate that easily over 500 people came through the doors. Greg Lukens sold several pieces, Northern’s first official gallery sales! I even purchased one of his small framed pen and ink drawings. I’ll take a photo of it at some point soon. I love it! It depicts a pair of riot gear clad police officers beating back a grove of birch trees. The perspective is that of a camera-person belonging to the local news crew, seemingly shaky and full of adrenaline.

Some photos of the show before the doors opened and during ArtsWalk:


Greg Lukens’ work to the left and Caleb Goodaker-Craig’s photo work on the far and back wall.


Rachael Lang’s work to the right and Audrey Sande’s prints on the far right.


Audrey Sande’s screen prints.


Caleb and his work.



Rachael Lang’s work based on Craigslist missed connection ads.



Vanessa, Rodrigo Valenzuela Varela and Joaquin Luzoro. Vanessa exhibited at a local tea room down the street!


Vanessa, Rodrigo, Joaquin and Rachael strike a pose but I snap it a second too late. However, I think this photo adequately sums up the night.

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