april is the cruelest month

Today was the first day of the spring quarter. It wasn’t terrible. I do have four more days in my work week however. Nothing can end badly though when Quasi caps off your Friday! I’m venturing to PDX for a rare performance by the elusive duo (now trio). Love me some grumpy old indie rock.

This quarter, I’m teaching stone lithography! While not technically a non-toxic process, I think my small group of students can handle a little nitric acid, asphaltum and lithotine. Maybe some acetone at the end of the quarter if they’re not having problems processing their images. I have not done any stone litho work in years, so we’re all going to be learning this time around. Plus, the new Tamarind Techniques For Fine Art Lithography is out providing an essential updated reference. I also have phone call privileges with Mark Mahaffey if questions arise. Today, I rearranged the space and cleaned off shelves and storage areas. We don’t have any small stones in the studio so students are using 22″ x 30″ and larger pieces of limestone, weighing easily 150 – 300lbs. It’s going to be a huge shock for most of them since last quarter, they were tickling 8″ x 10″ copper plates in Introduction to Intaglio. My greatest fear is that someone is going to break a stone. And a foot.

Apparently Alabama was in a cat fight today. I’m worried about his tiny little clawed up face. I’m dabbing him with hydrogen peroxide every few hours to make sure the wounds don’t get infected. Stupid kitty.

What else? Indigestion. Always.


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