Across the Country in Four Days, The Final Countdown

On our final day of travel, we drove through Utah, Idaho and Oregon. We left Wyoming early in the morning and by 9am, we entered Utah just in time to see the gorgeous morning sun break across the beautiful red rock-scape lining the highway. It was breathtaking.

As we continued climbing in altitude, we were caught up in a terrible storm outside of Salt Lake City. The wind was absolutely unreal, “canyon breezes” as we learned they’re called, and the rain was relentless. Apparently, that’s normal this time of year in that area?

Once into Oregon, we were in the home stretch. Even though it would be late when we arrived in Portland, our final destination.

The Bonneville Dam at sunset on the Columbia. Our journey ended approximately an hour later in St. Johns in Portland. We traveled over three thousand miles in the span of four days. Yowza. Although there are other places I would gladly live in the US, my heart decidedly belongs to the Pacific Northwest.

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