Across the Country in 4 Days, Day 2 & 3

The next two days kinda blurred together. We drove through St. Louis during beautiful morning light. The drive north along the Missouri River was tedious and full of traffic, weaving into Kansas and Iowa before veering into Nebraska. We made it to the middle of Nebraska the second night and almost out of Wyoming the third day. The landscape was flat– full of farmland and fields of cattle for as far as the eye could see.

Can you believe I’m 33 and this was the first time I’ve stepped foot in a Waffle House? The waffles aren’t bad, actually. I felt greasy for the rest of the day though.

Yes, we listened to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska while traveling through the state.

The Abraham Lincoln head in Laramie, WY! I’m glad I got a good shot. Seriously, I just want to buy an old RV and travel to roadside attractions for a year. Following my Bliss in 2013?

More Wyoming. We had some car trouble in Wyoming and ended up spending over four hours at a Sears in some mall getting some temperature gauges fixed in the truck.

I love the colors out west; they are the colors of freedom and vast, open spaces.

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