Since school began three weeks ago, I’ve hardly had time to do anything other than plan for classes, fret about the economy and get over the obligatory beginning of the quarter cold.


I did, however, receive the new lens I purchased. It takes quite lovely shots. Now I have to learn how to properly use it so I don’t feel like a poser hack. This is one of the lamps in our living room.


I returned home one night to find this drawing on the board, a response to my quip about being the house dish bitch. It made my night, though I look nothing like the representation on the board.


I’ve hosted two shows in our basement performance space, Amour Fou. The first, which Kickball headlined, had 150 kids while the second, Karl Blau, only drew 100 or so. I’m having a blast. People so far have been respectful and polite, even when I have to kick them out of the backyard at the end of the night. I’m still in awe that I’m involved with stuff like this. It feels utterly satisfying.


Ripe apples on the tree in the backyard. One of my housemates made cider from a bushel of our very own apples! Every day I turn into a hippie a little more.


A very flattering photo of Montana. I wonder what he was thinking about. We were enjoying a warm fall Sunday afternoon in the backyard.


This is a quick reduction relief print of Ira Glass I completed as a demonstration for my students last week. It’s actual size. I messed up a couple areas but I think it turned out well, if a bit hurried and messy. The scanner did not like my palette – the colors are way off. Think pink, orange and a rich blue-violet. I think I might send him one.




Yesterday, the deer family returned to eat the dregs of our garden. It was nice to see the babies were so grown and healthy. I love to watch these beautiful animals who feel so safe in our yard. I feel safe here, too.


Last night, we had a house campfire in the back yard fire pit. We sat talking, drinking and laughing until two in the morning. I was up until four, however, uncomfortably alternating laying in bed and in front of the toilet. It was totally worth it.


On Halloween, we’re having a massive Zombie themed party. I’m in charge of the upstairs decor. We’re going for the ‘abandoned house’ feel. Candles in the fireplace, black lights, cobwebs and sheets over all the furniture. We’re projecting classic public domain horror flicks on the back windows, Tarot readers are scheduled up until midnight, and in the basement, DJs will be spinning all night. We’re having a full bar as well as two kegs. This is the first full house party at ABC since the ill fated Valentines Day 2006 fiasco, in which the cops apparently stormed the house and forced everyone to leave. It’s quite literally going to be insane. You’re all invited.

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