It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t posted since the Republican Party announced Sarah Palin as their nomination for Vice President and running mate of Senator John McCain. I blame Palin for my lack of creative output and general malaise. She epitomizes everything that is wrong with conservative America. Sometimes, living in the tiny bubble that is liberal Olympia, I forget that the midwest even exists and that they can determine the fate of this country.

Anyway, opinions aside, the last month has been crazy making. I can’t even remember most of the month of September as I have already erased its existence from my consciousness. I do however remember a great weekend in Portland gallery hopping and shopping as well as a few late night shows spattered throughout. I even drove to PDX just for the Starfucker album release show and came back that very night. That doesn’t happen much anymore.

Classes start again on Monday for the fall quarter. I’m as mentally prepared as I can be I suppose. I’m looking forward to my classes this year. They’re all new and will require a lot of planning and preparation on my part. I need to broaden my teaching portfolio.

The above picture is what I see when I look out my office window. It is also now the desktop wallpaper on my computer at work. I find it very funny. I just bought a new lens for my camera as Amazon is having a 24 month no interest sale on camera equipment if you sign up for their credit card. I definitely got a good deal.

And now, a brief update on my friends:

Theresa is finishing up her mural project in Roswell and is relocating to Santa Fe at the end of October. George is in Prague working to get teaching gigs and has apparently been sick. Kai is living the freelance lifestyle in NYC. Meridith is in a group show called “Beauty’s Burden.” Jessica is recovering at home from back surgery. Nic was a finalist for a public art proposal in Maine. Miss Mess is back in NYC working her booty off. Gareth just had his MA show last month in England. Martin had a song written about him. Peter is enjoying bachelorhood and making stuff again. Mulligan got married. Kristal is engaged. Ron is busy making and selling work. Robert moved to Maine and is enjoying teaching and restoring his new, very old house. Brian Jones has a few shows coming up across the country and is preparing for his lecture at Evergreen next month. PJ’s rock photos keep garnering more attention.

If you’re name isn’t listed above, we should really catch up. That is all.

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