Statement of Creative Research

Pop culture, suburbia, consumerism and art history influence my work. These interests often combine into ridiculous and strangely humorous puzzles that seemingly lack a logical conclusion. An inadequate key is presented, resulting in an ambiguous understanding, yet a coded significance is still apparent. Nostalgia for places I’ve never been, people I’ve never met, and things I’ve never seen instigate the desire to amass these experiences for myself, however vicariously. I rearrange images, either found or collected from the Internet, remove them from their original context and group them with unrelated imagery in order to create, if only for a moment, a fleeting feeling of grandeur through fabricated histories. In my world, murder mysteries play out in dog show rings, new languages are spawned from copulations between Dave Hickey and pop culture, home appliances fall from the sky in an attempt at world domination, a sense of life’s purpose can be found on the World Wide Web and cross country road trips are shared with John Baldessari.

My work integrates the traditions of photography, design, and printmaking with Internet culture, mashing them together into the encompassing umbrella of digital imaging. In each of these mechanically reproducible traditions, the artist is removed exponentially from the immediate process of art making by technology. My work incorporates new technology to search for a sense of self, for individuality even, within generations of technological invention.