Judith Baumann
Parts Unknown
October 18, 2013 – February 15, 2014
Gallery @ Washington State University Vancouver
Vancouver, Washington

Parts Unknown, a phrase once used professional wrestling to denote mystery and ambiguity of origin, signifies the disparate bodies of work displayed in this exhibition. The work plays with commercial printing processes, from offset photolithography and sign printing to hand drawn four-color print halftones. Ideas of classism and escapism permeate each body of work, tributes to former childhood heroes and childlike perceptions of comparative wealth, coupled with the realization that only comes from age and experience– heroes are mere men, mortal all the same, and wealth is not measured by streets of identical split level houses. The act of tiling, scaling, building and layering progressively becomes looser and more visible throughout, acknowledging the realization process and its very origin–from parts unknown– a rust belt baby, blue collar to the bone.

Installation images: