Ladies’ Choice: An Exhibition of Women Lithographers from the Tamarind Institute

Tamarind Printers
Judith Baumann
Danielle Blevins
Candice Malyn Corgan
Maria Erikson (Senior Printer)
Alice Gauthier
Nora Hammenberg
Amanda Mulvey
Jackie Riccio

UNM MFA and BFA Students
Sam McBride
Robbie Pino
Stefan Jennings Batista
Katelyn Bladel
Cornelia Oliver
Dvoie Inez
Bradford Thomas Erickson

As the Tamarind Institute celebrates 55 years of collaborative fine art lithography, this spring the very first class of all woman printers successfully completed the prestigious Professional Printer Training Program. This international program attracts students from around the world that wish to intensely study the fine art of lithography. Lithography, invented in 1796, is a printmaking technique reliant upon chemistry to alter the composition of a stone or aluminum plate surface in order to repel or attract ink. The versatility of mark making, coupled with the ease and immediacy in which artists translate their artistic vision to print, has cemented lithography as an alluring, highly expressive medium for centuries. However, processing and printing from stone or plate is a highly technical and nuanced endeavor, necessitating the need for collaboration between professional lithographic printers and artists. Since its founding in 1960, Tamarind’s main objectives include creating a pool of master artisan-printers in the United States by training apprentices, stimulating the artist – printer collaborative relationship in an effort to advance the expressive potential of lithography, and establishing an exceptional collection of original lithographic works of art. Those that complete the Professional Printer Training program continue their careers as professional printers, entrepreneurs, and artists. Ladies’ Choice represents both original works by these Tamarind-trained printer-artists as well as collaborative lithographic works between printer and artist, in this case select current University of New Mexico Graduate and Undergraduate Fine Art Students.



Tamarind folks after the install: Alice, Danielle, Amanda, Candice, Jackie and Maria.




Book by Dvoie Inez, printed by Alice Gauthier.


Prints by Nora and Candice.


Prints by Amanda and Robbie Pino (printed by me).


Prints by Alice.



Art by Bradford, printed by Candice.




Art by Katelyn, printed by Nora (above) and my “Dead Wrestlers: Their Words” series.


Print collaboration between Jackie and Stefan (above) and Cornelia’s book project, printed by Amanda (below).